Working with the Chef automation tool, you can create, destroy, and rebuild servers on your preferred cloud platform. That means you can build, destroy and rebuild servers on any cloud platform of your choice — public or private cloud. The system creates the code for configuring and managing the infrastructure, and that code (which is written in Ruby) is called a recipe. The cookbooks are uploaded to the server by means of the Knife command line. Let’s take another example and see if that makes understanding Configuration Management simpler!

chef devops

The Chef tool helps in speeding up the deployment process and software delivery. Being a DevOps tool it helps in streamlining the configuration task and managing the company’s server. Agentless architecture, which Ansible uses, describes a way to automate and manage IT devices without requiring any agent software installed on managed environments. The control software connects to remote machines over SSH and begins managing them without a lengthy setup process.

Using Chef DevOps for Automating Infrastructure Management

Pull configuration involves the nodes checking with the server periodically, and fetching the configurations from it. This problem could have been sorted if the environments of different systems would have been in sync. If all this process would have been automated, then fixing these systems would have been a piece of cake.

Automation can reduce time consumption, especially during the testing and deployment phase. The productivity increases, and releases are made quicker by automation. This will lead in catching bugs quickly so that it can be fixed easily. For contiguous delivery, each code is defined through automated tests, cloud-based services, and builds. Terraform by HashiCorp is an open-source DevOps tool that helps you build, manage and define infrastructure in human-readable language. With Terraform, you can easily automate and manage your infrastructure and services running on your organizational platform using declarative programming.

What Is Chef: Here’s What You Need to Know

Keep in mind that Puppet requires a working DNS setup for the orchestration of remote nodes, but you can always start its online emulator. Before DevOps became a hot word in the industry, development and operations by definition were entirely separate and, without the cloud, new servers were manually provisioned. The tasks chef devops certification give access to any of the Chef commands at the command line level so any operation using Habitat, Chef, Chef-Client and Knife etc can be added to your build pipeline. There are some Helper tasks that wrap several commands to achieve an operation, such as updating a cookbook version constraint on a Chef environment.

chef devops

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